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Identify what is working and what needs to change

Reactflow dynamic heatmaps visualize every element clicks, hovers, and scrolls. Analysis of elements based on the attention your users give to them. Are your important buttons being ignored? Are people distracted by non-critical buttons? Know what is working and optimize what needs to be changed.

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Click heatmaps

Identify what is getting clicked most

Are your visitors clicking where they should be clicking? Do you need to move the position of the important buttons so they can get more clicks?

Hover heatmap

See what is getting most attention

Your visitors might look at texts and buttons, but do not click on them. Hover heatmap to catch this data for you. Visitors tend to move their mouse over what they are reading.

Scroll heatmap

See how far most of your visitors scroll

Are your visitors even scrolling long enough to see what is important?


Segment Heatmaps by devices

Your website shows different on each device due to screen size. Is this affecting clicks on each element?


Combined Heatmap from multiple pages

When a few pages use the same template but they have different URLs, it is still possible to group them as one heatmap.

Raw clicks

Export Raw data

View exact element names where visitors are clicking, even elements that are not currently displayed on the screen. Export data to CSV.

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