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JavaScript error notification and logging

Nothing can block your sales more than bugs and hiccups. Reactflow helps you to solve them by extracting Javascript Stacktrace, Network and 404 errors from recordings and list them for you to watch exactly what they did which lead to error.

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List of bugs

Get aware of bugs and warnings

By logging every JavaScript errors, network issues and messages out of the box, you will get notified of bugs and spend less time looking to find the source of issues and you can fix the issues as they happen.

Playback what have caused the bug

Playback what have caused the bug

You can now get the full picture of when and why an error has happened. Gone days when customers reported bugs and you could not find out why.

Reproduce bugs

Reproduce bugs in realtime

Watch exactly which actions users did which have caused the bug. Stop wasting time trying to reproduce the bug.

Bug stacktrace

Know where to fix via stack trace

We not only show you why an error happened, but we also show you exactly which line and function need to get fixed.

Bug detail

Understand the impact of errors

Is an error going viral or is it an isolated issue? Are many users getting impacted by the same error? When did it first happen? Know the answers instantly.

Advanced bug search

Flexible search to find bugs faster

Enhanced filtering allow you to search based on bug occurances, OS, browser, pages and more.

404 error tracker

Track every type of bugs

Get aware of 404 errors, Network errors, JavaScript errors, Console messages as soon as they happen. Do not wait for your customers to report them to you. If you are lucky, 1 out of 100 users might report issues they see back to you, rest will just leave your website.

Console bugs

Console logging

Every console message will be displayed in accordance with user activity. Clicking on each message will jump to time index when the message generated on the user browser.

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