Uncover hidden errors

Reactflow establish a tight communication with browser to uncover any errors that might even missed to appear in console logs.


Deep JavaScript Error Tracker Agent

Reactflow install an agent on top of browser JavaScript executor, allowing to catch every type of errors along with stacktrace that might have went unnoticed. It also observe promises, networks, timeouts and intervals.


REST API and Network monitor

Reactflow monitor every network calls from your application and notify you shall any error arise in user browser. 4xx or 5xx errors will be collected for you to analyze the recording which leads to those errors.


404 Error Tracker

Reactflow monitor every page that users visit for 404 string that you specify. If a page suspected to be a 404 page, Reactflow validate it via a HEAD request. This approach allow us to catch 404 errors even behind login wall which is often missed from 404 error scanner tools.

Bug detail

Understand the impact of errors

Is an error going viral or is it an isolated issue? Are many users getting impacted by the same error? When did it first happen? Know the answers instantly.

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